When selling your home, you can’t just think up a random asking price -you want to come up with a price that’s as high as possible yet also realistic. It’s necessary to factor in every detail about your house, as well as the prices of other homes for sale nearby. When pricing a house to sell, you have to keep lots of details in mind, and we’ll be looking at some of the most important ones in this article. The idea here is to find the right balance so you are getting what your home is really worth but not scaring away buyers by asking too much.

Be Realistic

When you look at the real estate market, you will see how slow and sluggish it really is. Homeowners everywhere are very upset that the value of their home has diminished greatly, sometimes being valued at less than it was when they actually bought it. You need to be realistic if this is a predicament that you have found yourself in. You may want to wait a while and see how the real estate market performs in your area in the next few years. If, however, you’re determined to sell now, you have to set the price based on current value. You probably will not get any offers if you try to sell it for what you paid for it. If you really want to know how much your house is valued, just compare it to other homes in your area that have sold.

Real Estate Agent

Working with a real estate agent to sell your house is something that many people believe is absolutely necessary. This is not always how it works. If you do not use a realtor, you may have too much work to do. It’s not a legal obligation, but it is there in case you need it.

You won’t have to pay a real estate agent if you do not use them. Selling your house on your own could be much more profitable. Most realtors get 6% of the asking price of the home. This can be a large sum of money, especially if you are selling your house for a large amount. If you are ready to do work necessary to sell it on your own, then you should do this. Remember that you will have to negotiate with buyers and do all of the paperwork and listings by yourself.


You may be wise to do a few alterations to your house that will increase the value. However, there are some actions that aren’t worth the trouble and expense. Before you take on a large endeavor trying to increase the value; step back and think hard about it first. You may not get the return on the money you would spend on installing something like a swimming pool. Some potential buyers will even see this as an extravagance and think that they could find a cheaper home without a pool. Even though you may think that increasing your living space would be a good idea and remodeling a space like your garage would be a start; you need to think about it. Some people may like having a garage for their vehicles and an attic for some extra storage space.

Before you decide on the price you’ll be asking for your home, make sure you consider the factors we’ve mentioned in this article. There are other points to keep in mind as well, and the more research you do the more likely it is you’ll find the right price point. You can always make your home more valuable by keeping it looking its best when anyone comes by to look at it.