It’s not clear why, but a lot of folks don’t think they can have a garden if they live in an apartment. Well, there is good news! You can grow a fabulous garden in even the smallest living quarters. What’s the bad news? There isn’t any! So, do your research, unleash your creativity, decide what you want and – voila – you can have it! This report will give you some useful tips and ideas to ensure your garden is a blooming success.

How to Protect Your Plants

You will have to watch out for your pets. You are going to have to be creative coming up with a way to protect your plants and containers from your pets or they may ruin all your hard work. Pets (cats particularly) can easily jump into containers and dig up plants. While your pets are jumping around and playing, it would be very easy for them to bump into your potted plants and knock them over. Your pets love to inspect and play with new features in your environment because they are naturally curious. You will have to be on your toes to keep them away from your plants.

If you have to, barricade your garden, so that your pets won’t have the chance to get into it and wreck it. Certainly, this may be difficult to figure out. You will have to be creative to come up with a solution. While it is true that, with specific kinds of lights and other tools you can grow pretty much anything you want, it is still important to consider your climate. Some plants simply have a harder time thriving in cooler climates with lots of moisture and others find dry and arid climates to be difficult. And, unfortunately, you only have limited control over your environment. Think about this when you are trying to choose your plants. A little forethought will keep you from being disappointed if some of your plants don’t thrive.

Hanging Plants

Have you thought about the merits of using hanging plants? Plants that you can hang from your ceiling are great space savers when you don’t have room to place a lot of containers around your home. Your larger plants will need bigger pots to allow their roots to expand, and these containers are sometimes difficult to turn into hanging plants due to their weight. But you won’t have a problem finding numerous plants that are small enough to put in hanging planters with attractive, small containers. Hanging plants are also a great way to keep your pets and kids out of the containers, which means that they have a greater success rate than the plants you would grow in containers kept on the floor or small stands.

Many folks successfully grow an apartment garden and so can you. Your imagination and a little research are all you need to come up with many different options. Whole schools of thought and techniques have been developed around the premise that it is possible to garden in small spaces. Well, the balls now in your court. Apply what we’ve been talking about and do any further research you need to do and, in no time at all, you will have a wonderful garden in your small dwelling.